GEN-I once again ranks among the best in Risk & Energy Risk survey

In a Risk & Energy Risk survey conducted to determine the top trading companies and brokers from different categories, GEN-I was ranked second among electricity providers in East Europe for the second year in a row. This means that GEN-I has become one of the top breakthrough trading houses in the European energy market.

The recognition is all the more important because the results are not an indication of the company’s market share, but rather point to how professionals in the energy market rate the quality of services provided by GEN-I Group.

More than 1,400 questionnaires filled-in by banks, electricity traders, large end-users and brokers were taken into account in the Risk & Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2014 survey. The participants voted for their top trading companies or brokers based on certain criteria such as liquidity provision, pricing policy, counterparty risk, speed of execution and reliability.

On this occasion, Igor Koprivnikar, Ph.D., member of GEN-I's Management Board, answered questions from the Energy Risk publication regarding key factors of success in the field of trading and laid out the vision for the future of the company's operations in a tough international energy market. The interview can be found  HERE.

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