Welcome to GEN-I Hrvatska.

GEN-I Hrvatska is a part of the GEN-I Group, one of the leading and fastest growing energy trading and sales groups in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

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Welcome to GEN-I Hrvatska.
Local presence for global results

Local presence for global results

GEN-I Hrvatska d.o.o. was established in 2005 as the first and largest international subsidiary of GEN-I d.o.o. from Slovenia. The company offers the Croatian market a comprehensive range of solutions for electricity trading and the sale of electricity to small companies and households. It also offers solutions to large companies for the trading and sale of natural gas.


Households and small businesses

Information about our offer

Through an established brand Jeftina struja (Affordable electricity) we guarantee affordable and reliable energy supply.

Most affordable energy prices

  • Significant savings for electricity
  • A simple calculation of the savings
  • Simple and free switching of suppliers
  • Customized services
Jeftina struja

Large businesses and industry

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We enable access to international energy markets, various tailor-made structured products and flexible contractual relationships with the aim to optimize your costs of energy purchase.

Tailor-made offer

  • Competitive energy prices
  • Tailor-made purchase conditions
  • Customized services
GEN-I for the industry


Energy Trading

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Proactive risk management is achived through portfolio diversification, careful selection of partners and access to numerous European markets. We are a flexible, reliable and responsive partner.

Expertise in Energy Markets

  • 24/7 trading
  • Present on 18 power exchanges and bilaterally
  • The entire curve, from intraday to long term
  • Trading physical products and financial derivatives
  • Advanced analytical models
  • Advanced structured products
GEN-I trading


Measures being implemented by GEN-I during the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) epidemic

Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia, GEN-I established a special team that is carefully monitoring the spread of the virus at both the national and global levels. With the aim of ensuring an uninterrupted and smooth business process, that team continuously adopts measures relating to the organization of employees’ work and transactions with customers, business partners and users.

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GEN-I to start with the construction of its first larger scale solar plant

Following the results of the Republic of North Macedonia’s 1st tender for the solar photovoltaics construction on state land, GEN-I is making inroads to large-scale solar production in the region. The solar plant, which will be located in Amzabegovo in North Macedonia is planned to supply North Macedonia as well as regional markets.

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Annual Report of GEN-I for the 2020 business year


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